VW GOLF GTI Clubsport Edition 40 #10

Manual | 5 door | Pure White | Brescia 19's | Car-Net | 90% tints | Winter Pack

REVO Stage 1

Track day pops

Is it fast?

B road overtake

New in the showroom. (12/16)

Number 10.

Dirty GIT. (1 week old)

REVO stage 1 install. (2 weeks old)

Wheel HP before & after.

Posing for a photo.

Plate fitted.

Rear view.

Oil change. (6 months old)

Shopping trolly.

Poppy. (11/11/17)

Michelin Pilot Sport 4S. (Grippy tyres)

Oil change. (18 months old)

2.0 TSI EA888 Gen 3. (Just cleaned)

Oil change and XCP underneath. (30 months old)

60-100mph in 5.5s. (Tested using torque app)

It does economy too.

Oil and filter time again. (42 months old)

Infotainment screen upgrade. (Before - 6.5 inch resistive screen)

Infotainment screen upgrade. (After - 8 inch capacitive screen)

Winter wheels fitted. (Michelin Crossclimate)

Winter tyre testing. (Work very well)

British winter. (Bloody salt)

Summer wheels back on. (Brescia with Michelin PS4S)

Oil and filter time again. (54 months old)

Walled garden.

Fifth service at supplying dealer. (5 years old)

Oil and filter time again. (66 months old)

33333 miles covered @ 15:33.

Richard Leigh.